Jonathan Meese

Since the late 1990s, German artist Jonathan Meese (b. 1970) has attained international renown as an “enfant terrible”, a “Wunderkind” and agent provocateur of the German arts scene. With a loud and shrill, imaginative and profound approach, the artist, who was born in Tokyo and now lives in Berlin and Ahrensburg, and who studied at the Hamburg College of Fine Arts until 1998, places a special emphasis on the analysis of German mythology and German nineteenth- and early twentieth-century history in his oeuvre consisting of paintings, collages, sculptures, installations, events, performances, video and theatre works.

The theme of the “dictatorship of art” runs through Meese’s works and the manifests in which he expresses his ideas aggressively, anarchically and, in particular, with powerful verve. The-large format work created for Montblanc “DIE 2 (SÜSSIS) im milchfrischen SCAR- LETTIERBABYLAND de lovely PIE” – a kind of pictorial collage on the theme of American actress Scarlett Johansson, accentuated with photos of the artist, is part of this approach. In a 2008 interview, Meese said: “The dictatorship of art is governed by things, such as light, breathing, jelly (ore), love or total beauty, like for example Scarlett Johansson.”