Monica Bonvicini

In installations, sculptures, photographs, drawings and video work, Monica Bonvicini, born in Venice in 1965, examines the relationship between architecture, sexuality and power. Bonvicini became internationally known in the mid-1990s through her provocative work in which she attempts to reveal male power structures on the political, social and historical arenas as diagnosed in architectural expression.

Bonvicini makes targeted use of the fetishistic side of certain materials and objects originating from the construction industry, such as steel, scaffolding, chains and leather, which can also be viewed as sado-masochistically charged. In 2005, the Berlin-based artist received the Young Artist’s prize of the Neue Nationalgalerie (SMPK). The jury recognised Bonvicini’s works for “offensively revealing the effect of the body in a space” via their socio-political orientation.