Ugo Rondinone

Time that passes, filled with the elements of a banal, repetitive daily routine, or that can be defined as an individual moment, is the subject addressed by the renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone (b. 1964) in his installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, video and photography works. Rondinone frequently emphasises time or date details. He thus entitles a huge light bulb made of wax “The sixth hour of the poem” or dates his paintings on the back by means of collages made of newspaper cuttings from a specific date, so that his works create the impression of being visual entries into a diary.

Thus, a series of works consisting of hypnotic colour circles that Rondinone has been designing for a number of years is also organised into an exact chronological order by means of titles, such as the work created for Montblanc and named “No. 291 DRITTERSEP- TEMBERZWEITAUSENDUNDZWEI” [“No. 291 THIRD- OFSEPTEMBERTWOTHOUSANDANDTWO”]. With his delicate, spray ribbon-like colour stripes, the artist, who lives in New York, structures not only large-format, circular paintings, but also symbol-like shapes like the Montblanc Star.