Daniel Richter

Daniel Richter | Germany | "Fatifa" | 2005 | 330 cm x 266 cm | Oil on canvas

Since the mid-1990s, Daniel Richter, who lives in Berlin and Hamburg, has drawn international attention with his idiosyncratic paintings in strong colours. A first creative phase saw the advent of abstract paintings with psychedelic-like form compositions inspired by surrealism, Italian Mannerism and the contemporary underground culture. Around the turn of the millennium the artist, who was born in Eutin in 1962 and studied with Werner Büttner at the Hamburg College of Fine Arts, transitioned to figurative painting. Central present-day topics like fear, aggression, sexuality and voyeurism define his paintings, which overflow with vitality. Richter processes “set pieces” from the history of art, the mass media and pop culture to narrational image worlds in which he alludes to historical and current political events. This is also the case in the large-format painting “Fatifa”, which addresses the topic of African boat refugees. This work, which was acquired by the Montblanc Cultural Foundation in 2005, was transferred to the Gallery of Contemporary Art in 2007, and was one of the most salient works in the Daniel Richter retrospective held by the Hamburger Kunsthalle.