Marcel van Eeden

Marcel van Eeden | The Netherlands | "Das Weltall verwandelt in einen Sonntagnachmittag" | 2009 | 36 drawings: 19 cm x 28 cm; 19 cm x 84 cm | Nero pencil and coloured pencil on handmade paper, Sculptures: bronze, black patina

They are reminiscent of the aesthetics of film noir, play with the image resources of comic strips and widely outgrow their usually small-format support to penetrate the exhibition space – the drawings of Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden (b. 1965), mainly executed in nero pencil and arranged into series, tell enigmatic, often morbid and eerie but simultaneously absurd and humorous stories in sober black and white, occasionally punctuated with colour. Combined with large-scale murals, with sculptural objects, sometimes with film and video installations, the artist develops complex image worlds in which the drawings hung on the wall merge into the architecture. Van Eeden, who in 2011 was awarded the renowned Prix de Dessin de la Fondation d’Art Contemporain Daniel et Florence Guerlain, finds his inspiration in literary texts, magazines or films, all of which are older than the artist himself. Since 1993, van Eeden has produced a drawing a day and uses this huge image archive to design his stories made of fiction and history. In 2011, the Montblanc Cultural Foundation acquired the 2009 work complex “Das Weltall verwandelt in einen Sonntagnachmittag” [“The Universe transformed into a Sunday afternoon”], consisting of 36 drawings and two sculptures. In 2013, the work will be transferred to the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Hamburger Kunsthalle as a permanent loan.