Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury | Switzerland | "Guardians" | 2005 | 220 cm x 450 cm x 500 cm | Polyester and electronics

Not just the world of fashion but also space travel, generally considered to be a male-dominated field, engage the intense interest of Sylvie Fleury (b. 1961). Like her sculptures and installations produced with luxury articles, advertising slogans and trademark logos, her rockets painted in lipstick colours or covered in fur, her blown-up UFOs and her fantasy creatures made of shimmering fabrics impress by their unique surfaces. Through these treatments, these objects borrowed from space-travel technology or making reference to extraterrestrial life forms are imbued with a familiar earthly envelope reminiscent of cosmetics, phallic symbols or toys. References to femininity and masculinity and the irritating linkage of supposed opposites are the hallmark of Fleury’s “space travel” work. The “Guardians”, three beings made of high-gloss fibreglass, appear as if they had just drifted into our world straight through the stretched stripes of the wallpaper. Alternatively, perhaps we ourselves are the visitors in this pop world of soft pink ice cream candy stripes guarded by Fleury’s Guardians? This work, purchased by the Montblanc Cultural Foundation in 2007, was transferred in 2009 to the collection of the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Hamburger Kunsthalle as a permanent loan.