Gary Hume

Gary Hume | U.K. | "Love letters in your pyjamas" | 2002 | 300 cm x 220 cm x 90 cm | Digital print on aluminium

Gary Hume (b. 1962), who lives in London, is one of the most significant contemporary British artists. Hume became internationally known as a member of the Young British Artist movement, a group centring around Damien Hirst, which in 1988 attracted the attention of art collector Charles Saatchi and which enlivened the British arts scene in the 1990s. In 1996, Hume was nominated for the Turner Prize, and was admitted to the Royal Academy in 2001. High-gloss surfaces, created by Hume using enamel paints on hard substrates such as aluminium, are characteristic of his pictorial work. Reduced forms, stimulated by flora and fauna and inspired by portraits, clean edges and neat colours applied in several superimposed layers typify Hume’s elegant paintings, which fluctuate between abstract and figurative. In 2002, the artist created the sculpture “Love letters in your pyjamas” for the Montblanc Art Bags series. It combines floral shapes, pictograms and abstract patterns.