Huang Min

Huang Min | China | "ViewReview (Series 3)" | 2011 | 300 cm x 220 cm x 90 cm | Digital print on aluminium

Traditional Chinese landscapes, rendered in oils with a watercolour technique, and, in the foreground, in a realistic pictorial technique, informal groups of Chinese people in contemporary Western clothing contemplating nature in front of a balustrade, characterise the pictorial work of artist Huang Min, who was born in China in 1975. The painter comes from an artists' family, in which she was trained in traditional Chinese painting techniques before she studied at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing until 2006. She works on canvas, porcelain slabs and the traditional Chinese Xuan paper. The clash of the different forms of representation used for the landscape and the viewers emphasises an alienation of Man from nature, which in Huang Min’s paintings appears as a painting itself, moreover belonging to another period as the public in the foreground. At the same time, the artist, who lives in Beijing, contrasts Eastern and Western painting traditions, citing the rear-view figure as a stylistic tool by means of which the viewer is encouraged to exercise self-reflection, and confronts Chinese tradition with the Western lifestyle. For Montblanc, the artist designed the “ViewReview (Series 3)” Art Bag, making reference to her eponymous group of works consisting of several 16-m long panoramas featuring visually introverted life-size rear-view figures allowing the landscape to act on them as a Taoist element.