Jean-Marc Bustamante

Jean-Marc Bustamante | France | "Untitled" | 2002 | 300 cm x 220 cm x 90 cm | Digital print on aluminium

“My work makes it possible to open up spaces that are traditionally inaccessible, to work in boundary areas, to explore spatial as well as psychological limits,” says the renowned French artist Jean-Marc Bustamante (b. 1952) to describe his oeuvre consisting of photography, painting, sculpture and installations. Bustamante first became known with his series “Tableaux” (1977–1982), large-format colour photographs of new developments in the suburbs of Barcelona, empty building sites, fences and leftover building materials – a landscape in the process of change. The landscape is the central protagonist in the Paris-based artist’s large-format mural reliefs (“Paysages” [“Landscapes”]) and in the works in which he experiments with the lightness and translucency of plexiglas, such as the group entitled “Panoramas”. In 2002, Bustamante contributed to the Montblanc Art Bags series with “Untitled”, a work that displays the artist’s minimalist form language.