Marcel van Eeden

Marcel van Eeden | The Netherlands | "Help!" (Artbag) | 2011 | 300 cm x 220 cm x 90 cm | Digital print on aluminium

Enigmatic, often dark and eerie stories develop in the small-format, primarily charcoal-drawn works of Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden (b. 1965). In 1993 the draughtsman and conceptual artist, who now lives in Zurich and The Hague started producing one drawing a day. The drawings, arranged into labyrinthine image worlds, do not, however, in any way reflect autobiographical experiences. Rather, van Eeden uses archetypal images from films, magazines or literary texts, all of which were originally created before 22 November 1965, the artist’s date of birth. Thus, as a storyteller he interweaves history and fiction with the present. His chosen images do not refer to sensational events, but, rather, represent insignificant incidents in the periphery of everyday experience. In 2011, van Eeden designed the sculpture “Help!” for the Montblanc Art Bags range. Paper-cutting-like silhouettes reminiscent of fairy tales meet bright watercolour petals, opaque elements contrast with transparencies and well-grounded components engage a dialogue with airily floating objects, interconnected by comic-inspired speech bubbles and cryptic text comments.