Sylvie Fleury

Sylvie Fleury | Switzerland | "Kustom Bag Kommando" | 2002 | 300 cm x 220 cm x 90 cm | Digital print on aluminium

Since the 1990s, Geneva artist Sylvie Fleury, born in 1961, has become well known in the art world through her exquisitely colourful, glamorous staging of luxury articles and advertising slogans. Like the Pop artists, Fleury analyses advertising, consumption and popular culture, triggering discussion of the relationship between art and commerce. She questions the beautiful appearance of luxury articles elevated to the rank of artworks, emphasising their fetishist nature and unmasking the longing and the wishful thinking in our society. Fleury’s work has often been compared to Jeff Koons’. The shimmering or fluffy surfaces transmit the specific message of modified and out-of-context objects. Aesthetic manipulation, desire and satisfaction of a lust for consumption culminate in valuable surfaces. In the Montblanc Art Bags range, Fleury designed the "Kustom Bag Kommando" sculpture in 2002. This work continues a series that also includes a production of shopping bags of famous luxury brands staged by the artist in the 1990s. "Shopping bags are images walking along the street, containers that, like pictures, designate the secrets of their contents," explains Fleury, who considers a shopping bag adorned with a flame design an allegory for an energetic transformation of the person carrying it.