Jeff Lutonsky

Jeff Lutonsky | USA | "Speed Rails" | 2007 | 76 cm x 102 cm | Magic marker, highlighter, pencil and UV protectant on paper

Artist and gallery owner Jeff Lutonsky, born in Oklahoma in 1974, describes his glowing colour, large-format drawings of motifs from the everyday country and suburban life of the American South as “narrative genre scenes and still lifes inspired by the country music tradition”. As in country music songs, simple people, their weaknesses, problems and special nature are at the centre of Lutonsky’s interest. In fact, even today the artist honours his mother’s and his grandmother’s barbecue recipes in his restaurant in Williamsburg. In Lutonsky’s work, the world of rodeo participants, of employees of the Walmart supermarket chain or of NASCAR racing fans becomes a subject worthy of pictorial representation. In his mind, "Speed Rails", a drawing of lively overlapping NASCAR flags, is a criticism of the automobile sports fan culture, of brand loyalty, of the loss of individuality and of the working class’s search for identity by means of logos and flags.