Yudi Noor

Yudi Noor | Indonesia | "Help!" | 2008 | 42.5 cm x 32.5 cm | Mixed media

Inspired by the Beatles song “Help”, artist Yudi Noor, born in Bandung, Java in 1971, created the eponymous mural work for Montblanc using sandpaper, Styrofoam, a black-and-white photograph and transparent foil processed with spray paint and draped with a carpeting of sparkling glass ornaments. While employing the lighthouse and the rainbow colours of the PACE [Peace] flag as figurative pictorial elements, he simultaneously puts the sensuous experiential properties of the material to work. Thus, the layers of paper, paint and glass afford a plethora of insights and perceptions, with the differing structure of the surfaces shining in the light and inviting the viewer to plunge into the works’ colour world and aesthetics. In their varied manifestations, the objects, sculptures and large-scale mural works of the artist, who after studying at the Akademi Seni Lupa Indonesia between 1991 and 1994 now lives in Berlin, are inspired by Eastern and Western cultures and constitute ever-new and subtle but insistent invitations to pause and reflect.