During the Young Directors project 2005, four young artists had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent to the jury, consisting of Dr Helga Rabl-Stadler, Thaddaeus Ropac and Peter Simonischek. The jury had to decide between the four young directors Sebastijan Horvat from Ljubljana, Dusan David Parízek from Prague, Emma Dante from Palermo and Árpád Schillin from Cegléd, Hungary. The Montblanc Young Directors Award 2005 went to Sebastijan Horvat and his ensemble from the Slovenian National Theatre Drama in Ljubljana. His production of ALMUT by Vladimir Bartol (in an adaptation by Dusan Jovanovic) was a largely successful transposition into the dramatic idiom of a theme that remains dismayingly contemporary.

The jury made the following comments about their decision: “The protagonists convincingly transformed the persons of the novel into dramatic characters displaying that quality of ‘fatedness’ historically associated with the drama. The production helps one to understand how easily human beings can be manipulated.”