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In order to have your product authenticated please bring it to one of our boutiques or authorized retailers. We offer an evaluation of originality for all our products. This service is exclusively carried out at our headquarters service centre.

Your writing instrument will be carefully inspected by our specialist. In case your product is a genuine Montblanc we will issue the ” Certificate of Authenticity” as proof of authenticity. The Authenticity evaluation is a chargeable service and requires up to five working days upon receipt in our headquarters service centre (excluding shipping).

Please contact us, including a clear picture of your product. We will do our best to identify your item and may contact you for additional information related to your piece. 

Contact us with all the details related to the item: Serial number, name and description. We will do our best to provide you with all of the information at our disposal. 

Every nib made by Montblanc is crafted and polished by hand. To offer the perfect nib for each individual handwriting style, Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of eight different nib widths. Choosing the right nib to match your personal writing style will allow you to write effortlessly.

If the nib is not a perfect match for you, Montblanc offers a free nib exchange for up to six weeks after purchase. Please note that this free service only applies if the nib is still in mint condition. For Limited Editions, the nib exchange is free of charge for up to one year after purchase and with a valid document confirming the warranty is valid.

The nib sizes are the following:

  • EF (Extra Fine) , F (Fine) , M (Medium)

The basic feature is the round tip which is suitable for almost all writing styles, even with high hand rotation, for fountain pen beginners and left-handers.

  • B (Broad), BB (Double Broad)

The basic feature is the straight tip which is suitable for writers with little hand rotation. These nib widths create a particular impressive writing with a variating width of the line. The straight nibs have to be put on the paper in a straight position in accordance with the shape of the tip.

  • OM (Oblique Medium), OB (Oblique Broad) , OBB (Oblique Double Broad), (with 149 only: OBBB , Oblique Triple Broad). 

The basic feature is the straight oblique (=slanted) tip which is suitable for persons who write with a slanted angle. The oblique nibs have to be put on the paper in a slanted position in accordance with the shape of the tip.  

We offer eight different nib sizes, whereby the nibs with a round tip (M for medium, F for fine, EF for extra fine) are generally suitable for all kind of writing styles.  In order to choose the perfect nib to match the individual writing style we recommend to try out the different nib widths at a Montblanc boutique or at an authorized retailer.

In order to measure the wrist:

  • Wrap a piece of string or paper around the customer's wrist
  • Mark the string or strip where the circle is completed
  • Put the string or strip on a flat surface and measure the distance from the end of the string or strip to the mark
  • To determine the bracelet size compare your measurement to the below

S = Size 60: 16.5 - 17.5 cm
M = Size 63: 17.5 - 18.5cm
L = Size 68: 18.5 - 19.5cm

Price and Availability

It is possible that some items in the collection are not available online, but can be purchased from our network of boutiques and authorized retailers, or by phone. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please visit one of our boutiques or authorised retailers to find the appropriate strap for your watch. Please find the straps for your Summit 1 or 2 under our Smart devices page.

Yes, the straps are compatible with both devices. Any 22mm strap will fit as well. As the summit straps have an easy fixing mechanism, you will however need an extra pin to fix a normal bracelet. This Montblanc pin can be ordered by our boutiques and authorised dealers.

Usage Instructions

In order to set the time for your watch please refer to the Service Guide.

Do not change the hour or date between 10 pm and 2 am, the period during which the date changes, as this may result in damage to the movement. Please refer to the Service Guide for further details. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to visit one of our boutiques or authorized retailers.

If you have not worn your automatic or manually wound watch for a prolonged period of time, wind it fully by turning the crown twenty times. Further details are specified in the Service Guide.

In order to ensure the performance of your manually wound mechanical watch, we advise you to wind the crown once a day, preferably at the same time. Be careful not to force the crown once you feel resistance.
Do not change the hour or date between 10 pm and 2 am, the period during which the date changes, as this may result in damage to the movement. Please refer to the Service Guide for further details.


The battery is optimized to deliver a full day of normal usage. In watch only mode it can last up to several days. It usually takes two hours to charge the Montblanc Summit.

There are multiple solutions to prevent rapid battery-drain, please try the following:

1) In the settings, you can turn off the always-on and tilt-to-wake functions to elongate the overall battery life.

2) The brighter your watch screen, the higher the battery drain. Therefore, adjusting your screen brightness will elongate battery life.

3) Some third-party watch faces, especially those with animations or interactive abilities, consume more battery than others. If you recently installed an app or a watch face and notice that your battery is draining faster than usual, try uninstalling that app or watch face.

4) Refer to the battery statistics in the Montblanc Summit app on your phone (for Summit 3) or in the Wear OS by Google app on your phone (for Summit 2, 2+ and Lite) to make the necessary adjustments.

For further information, please visit the Wear OS website.

The Battery Saver is the mode that consumes the least amount of energy. When it is activated, your watch will only show the time, all other functionalities are disabled. In the Summit 3 the mode that only shows time is called Extreme Battery Saver.

To save power when your watch’s battery gets low, the Battery Saver will turn on automatically. You can also turn Battery Saver mode on or off at any time. To manually activate the Battery Saver mode on your watch, open Settings and navigate to Battery, and enable the Battery saver. To deactivate the mode, press the rotating crown for 10-15 seconds or place the watch on a charger.

1) Make sure the contact between the watch and charging cradle is not disrupted by lifitng the watch and placing it again onto the charger. Also ensure that the pad on the watch is correctly aligned with the pins on the charger.

2) Try charging with a wall charger. If you are charging with a USB, your computer might not provide enough power.

3) Also, make sure that the charging pins on the watch and cradle/dock are clean. You can wipe them with a slightly damp soft cloth.

4) Finally, check if there is any dust in the micro USB port. Blow on the port gently to remove any dust or dirt.

5) If these steps do not help, try to restart your Montblanc Summit by pressing the crown button for 20-25 seconds while it is on the power adaptor.

It might be that the battery is empty, please do the following:

1) Place the watch on the provided charger and connect it to a power outlet. Check that the power outlet provides a steady current of 500 mA and 5V.
2) Make sure that you’ve removed all of the plastic packaging on your watch.
3) Please ensure that you are using the original charging cable, power adaptor and cradle/dock. Using a different cable or power adaptor may damage your watch.
4) Make sure that the charging pins on the watch and cradle/dock are clean. You can wipe them with a slightly damp soft cloth.
5) Check if there is any dust in the micro USB port. Blow on the port gently to remove any dust or dirt.
6) If these steps do not help, try turning on your Montblanc Summit  by pressing the crown button for 20-25 seconds while it is on the power adaptor. Allow your watch to charge for 15 minutes, then try turning on the watch again.
7) Finally, try using a wall socket and repeat the previous steps.

For further information, please visit the Wear OS website for additional support.

No, the chargers are not compatible across the Summit family.

When connected to your phone, your Summit obtains the GPS signal from the phone. When the phone and the watch are disconnected, the watch will obtain a GPS signal on its own. 

As the initial signal fix may take several minutes, please ensure you stand still to reduce waiting time. Large buildings, trees, and other obstacles might complicate the connection, so it is best to begin the satellite acquisition period when you still have a clear line of sight of the sky, even if you are going to start the activity somewhere where the view is more limited. If you are going to be stationary for a while, pause the activity during that time to help limit the amount of inaccuracy introduced by GPS drift.

When using the Montblanc Summit, many factors can influence the accuracy of the position, distance, and speed readings that appear on the device. With a strong satellite signal, the GPS position reported by the watch should be accurate to about 3 meters or 10 feet. A weaker satellite signal may decrease that positional accuracy, in turn affecting the accuracy of the distance and speed readings that will be reported.

Yes, the Montblanc Summit has a heart rate sensor on the back of the watch so that you can track your heart rate for a healthier life. You can monitor your heart rate in teh Montblanc Heart Rate app that is pre-installed on your watch. For the best performance, please make sure to have a proper fit between your wrist and the watch. Please also make sure not to cover the heart rate sensor with any other material.

Your Summit offers various pre-installed apps to monitor your well-being for a healthier life. You may find video tutorials on the apps here.

Yes, you can personalise your Montblanc Summit experience with additional apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store regardless of whether The watch is paired with an iPhone or an Android phone. 

Yes, you can choose your favourite watch face and customise it to your liking. To view all available watch faces on the watch, long-press onto your current watch face, swipe to the right, and tap on the plus symbol. Available watch faces are also accessible in the Montblanc Summit app.

To customise a watch face, long-press onto your current watch face and then tap on the settings icon, which will open up a menu of different customisation options. It is also possible to customise a watch face in The Montblanc Summit app.

For more information on how to customise your Montblanc Summit, please refer to our tutorial. 

Depending on your carrier there are two options available to activate the e-SIM Function:

1) Download Carrier Plan in the Wear OS app.
2) Scan a QR code provided by your carrier.

For more information on LTE & eSIM functionality, please refer to this tutorial.

For troubleshooting details, please refer to the Wear OS website.  

Android phone users can receive, read, browse, and dismiss notifications as well as reply to messages directly from the watch by using voice, Smart Reply (pre-written messages), handwriting, or the keyboard.

iPhone users can only receive, read, browse, and dismiss notifications but cannot reply directly from the watch.

Both Android and iOS users can receive incoming call notifications on the watch and can directly answer or decline them. 

The notifications on Montblanc Summit are mirrored from your phone and do not require additional setup or installing the respective app on the watch. Therefore, your watch needs to be paired with your phone to receive notifications and the phone and watch must not be in "do not disturb" mode.

You can manage notifications and select the apps for which you want to receive them on your phone in the Notifications section of the Montblanc Summit app (for Summit 3) and the Wear OS by Google app (for Summit 2,2+ and Lite).

For further information, please visit the Wear OS website. 

The Montblanc Summit 3 works with Android phones with Android 8.0+ and iPhones with iOS 15.0+.
Summit Lite and Summit 2+ work with Android phones with Android 6.0+ and iPhones with iOS 12.0+.
Summit 2 works with Android phones with Android 4.4+ and iPhones with iOS 9.3+.

To check if your phone is compatible, visit g.co/wearcheck on your Android phone or iPhone. 

1) Turn on your watch by long-pressing the crown button.
2) On your phone, please make sure Bluetooth is enabled and download and open the Montblanc Summit app (for Summit 3) or the Wear OS by Google app (for Summit 2,2+ and Lite) and start the setup.
3) Tap the name of the watch and follow the instructions to pair the watch with your phone.

For further information, please visit the Wear OS website for additional support. 

If your watch does not stay connected to your phone, please try the following:

1) Make sure that your phone is in range and the Montblanc Summit app (for Summit 3) or the Wear OS by Google app (for Summit 2, 2+ and Lite) is openon your phone, actively or in the background.
2) On your phone, turn Bluetooth off and on and make sure that your watch is not in airplane mode.

If you are still experiencing connectivity problems, please visit the Wear OS website for additional support.

Some features of Google Wallet are only available in certain countries and on certain devices*. For support regarding Google Wallet and country-specific information, please visit the dedicated website.

Alos, please note that Google Wallet currently does not support PayPal, discount, loyalty, or reward cards
on the Montblanc Summit.

* Google Wallet is only available for Android phone users.

Yes, you can customise your Montblanc Summit by changing the straps to match your personal style. All Summit straps are interchangeable as they all have a width of 22 mm. Therefore, you can use a Summit Lite strap on your Summit 3, for example.

To remove the strap, with the watch facing down slide the latch at the top of the strap towards the centre. This will release the pin from the watch. To attach the strap, first, insert the pin on the opposite side, then slide the latch towards the centre and enter the pin in the second hole.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide in your Montblanc Summit box for illustrations.

All Montblanc Summit generations are water resistant*.

Montblanc Summit 2+ is rated IPx8 water-resistant. This means the watch can withstand sweat or rain and can be worn while washing your hands. However, it is not suitable for submersion in the water (e.g., under the shower, when swimming or doing other water activities), as pressurized water could enter and damage the watch.

Montblanc Summit 2, Lite and 3 have been certified as water resistant according to 5ATM. They are suitable for low-velocity and shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, please avoid any high-velocity activities like scuba diving or high-speed water sports, as pressure peaks over 5 ATM could damage the watch.

Water resistance may diminish over time. Equally, dropping the Montblanc Summit, or exposing it to high pressure (e.g., water-skiing, diving, surfing, motorized water sports), temperature or humidity (e.g., sauna or steam rooms, Jacuzzis), and liquids other than freshwater (e.g., soapy water, detergent, lotions, perfumes, oil, sunscreen) can affect the watch’s water resistance and should therefore be avoided. Also, avoid pressing buttons while the watch is submerged in water.

After contact with sea or pool water or any liquids mentioned above, the Montblanc Summit should be cleansed with freshwater and dried with a lint-free cloth.

While all Montblanc Summit rubber, metal, and nylon straps are water resistant and can thus be safely used in the water, exposing leather straps to water should be avoided. The  Montblanc Summit charger  and  other  accessories  are  not  water  resistant  and  must  be  kept  away  from water, humidity or any other liquids. Water damages are not covered under warranty.

* Please note, that being water resistant does not equal being waterproof.

We offer a battery replacement service on the Summit Lite, Summit 2+ and Summit 3 models only.
Please go to a Montblanc Boutique or authorized dealer near you so they can check if the issue is linked to the battery and can send it in to the Technical Center if relevant. 

None of the Montblanc apps synchronise any data with cloud services. The data is therefore kept solely on your device. 

Augmented Paper

We recommend using the Montblanc Augmented Paper Notebook with A5 paper (14.8 x 21 cm/5.8 x 8.3 in) which will guarantee the Augmented Paper functions properly. However, you may use many types of paper as long as it is no thicker than 50 pages. You can also use the back side of your paper. 

Yes, you can write to the edges and corners of the paper as long as all the writing is captured within the active area of the Augmented Paper. The active area is roughly the size of A5 paper and refers to the writing or drawing area where the pen is detected.

No, you will need to press the ‘Page’ button (located in the middle of the Augmented Paper) to create a new page.

Yes, but only use a plastic ruler as a metal ruler will interfere with the functionality of your Augmented Paper.

No, you cannot recover deleted notes in the Montblanc Hub app.

The active area on the Augmented Paper is the writing or drawing area where the pen is detected. This area is roughly the size of A5 paper.

Yes, you store your notes in Inkspace Cloud, which enables you to access your notes from any device, anywhere and anytime. Simply create an Inkspace Cloud account and your notes will be uploaded to the cloud automatically every time you are connected to it.

To sign up or login to Inkspace cloud, connect your Augmented Paper to the Montblanc Hub app and navigate to settings on the app. Tap "Inkspace Cloud" and choose "sign up" or "login" and follow the steps on screen.

Once you are signed up, you will also be able to access your notes from anywhere. Simply go into your preferred browser and login via https://inkspace.wacom.com

Charge your Augmented Paper by using the included micro USB cable and plugging it into your computer or any other micro USB charger.

Augmented Paper goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes. Press the “Page” button in the middle to wake it up.

Android™ smartphones or tablets with an operating system 5.0 or later, and iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad, with an operating system 10.0 or later.

However, please bear in mind that the Augmented Paper can only be paired with one device at a time. You can install and use the Montblanc Hub app for free on more than one device, but you cannot synchronise notes between devices.

The Montblanc Hub app automatically adjusts to the language of the connected device if the language is one of the following: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. If your device is in another language, the default language of the Montblanc Hub app is English.

The Augmented Paper recognises your handwriting and for this purpose the export language is automatically the one from your connected device. Supported export languages are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Bulgarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish and Czech.

You cannot change the language of the app directly, as our app detects the language used on your smartphone. In order to change the app language, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone/tablet and change the language of your device. 

1) Make sure that your device has Bluetooth® smart technology enabled.
2) Download and open the Montblanc Hub app from your device's app store.
3) The Montblanc Hub app will guide you through the pairing process for your Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android™ device.

To check if the Augmented Paper is connected to your Montblanc Hub app, please open the app and navigate to Settings and Device. If connected, your device will be listed there. 

To check if the Augmented Paper is connected to your Montblanc Hub app, in the app, go to Settings, Device. If connected, your device will be listed there.

Please note, that having a green or blue LED light does not indicate that the Augmented Paper is paired to a device. Green and Blue only indicate content status.

No, you do not need to have your device with you in order to use your Augmented Paper. The Augmented Paper has its own memory and can hold up to 100 pages before you need to transfer files to your device. You will know when the memory of your Augmented Paper is full when both the blue and orange LEDs are illuminated.

No. You need to use the StarWalker writing instrument that comes with the Augmented Paper, because it contains technology that communicates with the Augmented Paper's digitizer

Yes, you can use your corresponding StarWalker writing instrument with other types of Augmented Paper.

Your Augmented Paper comes with a nib removal tool in the form of tweezers. Use the tweezers to pull your ink cartridge out. To refill your ink, simply insert another cartridge in the tip and push to make sure it stays in.

Product Care

Your watch is comparable to a jewel. Creations of such exquisite craftsmanship require special care to maintain their pristine appearance and precise performance. To prolong its longevity and precious beauty, Montblanc highly recommends regular servicing, which allows you to keep your timepiece in perfect condition and working properly for a lifetime. 

Just as a car requires regular maintenance, every watch also needs consistent care. Your watch requires maintenance every one to five years, depending on the mechanical features of the watch. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Montblanc boutique or certified Montblanc retailer. 

Our qualified experts will be pleased to provide you with any information you may require.

Magnetic fields, such as those produced by TV sets, radios and magnets, occur everywhere. They affect different parts of a watch’s movement and change its performance. You can use a compass to check for magnetic fields. If the needle responds, then you are in a region of magnetic influence. 

Please note that this only concerns mechanical movements. Quartz movements may lose a few seconds, but will return to normal once you leave the magnetic field. Our Montblanc service centres are equipped with special devices to demagnetize your watch. Do not hesitate to bring your watch to a Montblanc boutique or certified Montblanc retailer if you have any questions.

Montblanc recommends removing jewellery, especially rings, during household chores and gardening. Please avoid contact with salty water, soap, cosmetic products, fragrances, hairsprays and corrosive or solvent-based cleaning agents. 

Substances such as chlorine may permanently damage or discolour your Montblanc jewellery, especially at high temperatures. Please avoid wearing your Montblanc jewellery to the beach, swimming pool, hot tub or playing sports in order to protect it from damage. Please be sure to have the stones’ settings checked regularly by one of our goldsmiths to ensure they are still securely set.

Leather is a natural material that is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. To keep your Montblanc leather product in perfect condition and prevent the colour from fading, Montblanc recommends protecting it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight and humidity. In the event of contact with water, it should be dried promptly with a soft, smooth cloth. To maintain its natural softness, Montblanc recommends treating your leather product on a regular basis with Montblanc leather care.

We have created video tutorials to show you how best to clean and fill your Montblanc fountain pen. We recommend cleaning your fountain pen about every three months to ensure perfect writing performance. This is especially important if the ink has dried due to lack of use or the power supply system is blocked, you will have to use a different colour of ink or the ink flow could become uneven or stop altogether. For cleaning, use only lukewarm water without additives. Condensation cannot be avoided after the cleaning process inside the cap. Therefore, always make sure to clean the nib and the inside of the cap with a damp, lint-free cloth. To prevent leakage, keep the writing instrument completely filled with new ink and carry the fountain pen with the nib facing upwards. See the dedicated section for more information.

To clean the precious resin surface just wipe it gently with a soft lint-free cloth from time to time. You can use a damp cloth if necessary. Do not use any chemicals or solvent containing liquids as this leads to damage of the precious resin.

Yes, you can. To avoid leakage, fill the fountain pen ink as described in the Service Guide or if it is a cartridge pen, insert a fresh cartridge before the flight. Carry the fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

International Warranty

Montblanc offers an international warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase covering any defects in materials or fabrication. For further details, please refer to the warranty certificate and consult the dedicated section.

Our service warranty is valid for one year from the date the service was completed. It covers replaced parts and/or service.

The Montblanc International Guarantee does not cover: 

  • defects and damages due to loss, theft, fire or other causes beyond our control
  • defects and damages resulting from misuse, negligence or accident
  • defects and damages caused by improper use (knocks, dents, crushing, etc.),
  • alterations, tampering, dismantling or services and repairs completed by anyone other than an authorised Montblanc boutique, Montblanc dealer or Montblanc service centre, or by the use of components or accessories (such as bottled ink or cartridges) other than those produced or recommended by Montblanc.
  • defects and damages due to normal wear and tear
  • Montblanc creations where the serial number has been removed or is not clearly legible, or where any part of the original Montblanc creation has been removed, changed, altered, replaced, erased or defaced.
  • routine maintenance and cleaning

Please note that watch straps and bracelets as well as watch battery exchange are not covered by warranty. 

Product Maintenance & Advice

Yes, as long it is not a Limited Edition, we can replace a cap as part of our complete service offering. Should the cap be lost, all the components of a new cap will be charged. We do not send out separate parts or components. Should the cap be damaged please make sure to send in the whole writing instrument including the damaged components. Please visit a Boutique or authorized retailer near to you to have the writing instrument sent in or send the writing instrument directly to the service centre.

Ballpoint, Rollerball or Fineliner: 
If your writing instrument has not been used in some time it may need a new refill. Please find all of our refills under Stationery & Refills. 

Fountain pens: 
We recommend that you regularly clean your fountain pen as described in the Service Guide. In case cleaning does not improve the writing performance of your fountain pen we suggest having it serviced at our service centre. Please visit a Montblanc boutique or an authorized retailer or send it directly to the service centre.

Choosing the right nib to match your personal writing style will allow you to write effortlessly. If the nib is not a perfect match for you, Montblanc offers a free nib exchange for up to six weeks after purchase. For Limited Editions, the nib exchange is free of charge for up to one year after purchase. Please note that this free service only applies if the nib is still in mint condition and with a valid document confirming the warranty is valid (completed warranty card or proof of purchase from a Montblanc boutique or authorised dealer).

If you have not worn your automatic or manually wound watch for a prolonged period of time, wind it fully by turning the crown twenty times. Further details are specified in the respective Service Guide
In order to ensure the performance of your manually wound mechanical watch, we advise you to wind the crown once a day, preferably at the same time. Be careful not to force the crown once you feel resistance.
In case that does not improve the performance we would be grateful if you would give our specialists the opportunity examine your timepiece. Please visit a Montblanc boutique or authorized retailer near you. 

All of our straps on our timepieces with the exception of the Summit Smart watch can changed by our watchmakers. Please visit one of our boutiques or authorized retailers for further assistance. Please see the complete list of boutique or authorized retailers.

All watches manufactured with a unique identifier (serial number) can be registered on  free of charge and user-friendly platform Enquirus . This platform aims to reduce and if possible, eliminate the theft of luxury watches and associated fraudIn turn. This database is a useful tool for law enforcement agencies dealing with suspicious watches and anyone purchasing a pre-owned watch.

Please take your leather good to one of our boutiques or authorized retailers who will check whether a service can be offered and if so, send in your product to our service centre on your behalf.

No, it is not possible to buy a spare part separately. In order to maintain our high quality standards, we are exclusively offering repair services at our Montblanc service centres. Please use the Store Locator to find a boutique nearest to you.

In many cases Montblanc can replace a missing emblem. In order to get more information, we invite you to contact us, including a picture of your item. Alternatively, you can choose either to send us your product via a Montblanc boutique or one of our authorized retailers near you. Please make sure to bring a copy of your proof of purchase or warranty card. 

We are very sorry to hear about the loss of one of your Montblanc earrings or cufflinks. We do not replace single earrings or cufflinks as they are only sold in pairs.

Montblanc offers a variety of repairs and services. If your Montblanc writing instrument is damaged or broken, we are pleased to assist you. You may take your product to a boutique or an authorized retailer. Alternatively, please view our Service price list.

If there is not a Boutique close to you, we recommend that you package your entire piece securely in a sturdy box or shipping tube with plenty of padding. Any missing parts can significantly increase the cost of service. Please include a brief cover letter stating the issue or what you would like to have repaired, your address, daytime telephone number, and an email address and send via UPS or Fed Ex insured to:

Our Service Center in Canada:
MBCSC - Repairs
4610 Eastgate Parkway, Unit 1
Mississauga, ON  L4W 3W6

We advise against sending your Montblanc creation in its original box or any container that you would like to keep. The shipping container is usually discarded upon arrival. If you send your piece in with the original Montblanc presentation box we will attempt to return it to you. However, we are not responsible for any presentation boxes that are lost, stolen or damaged during their journey back to you. Any non-official Montblanc containers will also be discarded and not returned.
Montblanc creations are under a 24 month warranty from date of purchase or receipt as a gift, against manufacturer’s defects. Manufacturer’s defects do not include lost parts, damage resulting from everyday use, or if the product has been dropped or banged against a hard surface.  For any warranty repairs we will need to see your warranty book that is stamped and dated by the place of purchase. 

Once we receive your package a Certified Service Technician will examine your piece. Should any charges be incurred, an estimate letter will be sent for your approval prior to any work being completed. Once you receive your estimate letter you may call our Concierge to provide payment over the phone. Once we receive your approval, the turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Please note that any parts that are replaced will become the property of Montblanc and will not be returned. If there are any parts of your piece that hold significant sentimental value please contact our ambassadors.

We are pleased to assist you in case your Montblanc creation should be in need of service.  To submit your repair request, please bring your creation to a selected Montblanc boutique or authorized retailer near you. Your creation will then be sent to our service center.
To learn more about repairs (service prices, repairs under warranty, status update on repairs), you can visit the "Product Advice & Repairs" section of our FAQ.

To learn about the status of your service order, please contact the boutique or authorized retailer where you handed in your Montblanc. If you sent your repair directly to our Service Center, please contact our Customer Service team for status updates. Please make sure to mention the service repair  number.

MB 01 Headphones

The ear-cushions and the headband are covered in leather and can be cleaned with gentle leather cleaning creations and a soft cloth. The hinges and ear cups can be cleaned with a cloth. The ear-cushions can be removed by easily pulling on them and they can be bought separately. Please also refer to the safety guide for further cleaning instructions.

When Intelligent Play/Pause is activated, the headphones automatically detect when the user takes off/puts on the headphones and accordingly pauses/resumes the playback without the user having to press any button.

This functionality is turned off by default. To activate it, press simultaneously the volume down button and the ANC button for 8 seconds. Repeat this procedure to deactivate it again.

The experience of this feature might vary depending on the individual head/ear form. If you experience the headphones pausing/playing music accidentally, deactivate the feature. 

Yes, MB 01 headphones support all types of voice assistants (e.g., Google Assistant on Android device and Siri on iOS device). You can activate the voice assistant by pressing and holding the voice assistant button.

Please make sure the voice assistant feature is activated on your paired devices. 

Yes. The headphones are equipped with different microphones and clear voice capture technology, which optimizes phone call quality.

The button on the right ear cup can be used to manage phone calls:

Press once on play/pause button: accept call
Press twice: mute ongoing call
Press three times: unmute call
Long-press for 3 secs: hang up 

1) Make sure that Bluetooth on the device is turned on, and that the headphones are turned off.
2) Then, long-press on the power button for 8 seconds. Keep the button pressed until the headphones say “Power on – Battery X% - Ready to pair” ONLY then release the button.
3) Finish the setup by selecting the headphones (Montblanc_MB01) on the Bluetooth list of your device.
4) After the initial set up is done, the headphones will pair automatically to the device once turned on.

Montblanc_MB01 is the correct device. LE-Montblanc_MB01 is the name of Bluetooth Low Energy connection, which some devices automatically filter out. If wrongly selecting LE-Montblanc_MB01 it is possible that no music is played.

1) Remove the headphones from the known Bluetooth devices of your device.
2) Simultaneously press the ANC button and the Power button for 8 seconds. The headphones will say “Bluetooth device list cleared”.
3) Turn the headphones off.
4) Press the Power button for 8 seconds, until the HP says “Ready to pair” and pair the headphones to your device.

Yes. The headphones will automatically connect to the two latest paired devices (e.g. a smartphone and a tablet).

The Bluetooth range is 10m (33 feet). The Bluetooth connection can be affected by physical barriers (walls, doors) or interferences from other electronic devices. 

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation is a technology cancelling an external background noise (e.g. airplane engines) by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to “counterpart” and thus cancel out the first.

The Montblanc MB 01 have an advanced hybrid ANC, which uses microphones inside and outside the ear cups. The internal microphones take into account the music playing, while the external microphones detect and block out a wider range of frequencies.

Live mode

When the Live Mode is on, the microphones capture low volume external sounds and amplify them to the internal speakers. In this mode, you can therefore hear your ambient surroundings while wearing the headphones.

To activate/disable ANC and Live Mode press the ANC Button. The current mode will be announced by the headphones.

If fully drained it may take a short while for the LEDs to show up.
Try charging with another USB-C cable or connect to another USB charger.

If sound cuts off or noise occurs while using the headphones, you may try the following:

1) Ensure that your device is still within the Bluetooth range of 10 metres (33 feet) and there are no obstacles blocking the transmission.
2) Disable other nearby Bluetooth devices as they may negatively impact the transmission.
3) When streaming music ensure your internet connection is sufficient or download music to your device.
4) Switch the modes on the headphones. Live-Mode for example could amplify unintended noises from the environment.
5) On Android Phones: Try to disable aptX Adaptive in the Bluetooth options for the MB 01 Headphones. Some devices may have it activated, even if they do not support it.

If the issue still exists, please try the following:

1) Restart headphones.
2) Turn Bluetooth off and on.
3) Close apps not used on the device/restart device.

Yes, MB 01 headphones are classified as IPX4, which means that they are sweat and water splash resistant. You can use them for non-water sport activities and for exercising. However, MB 01 is not designed for sweat or waterproof. A jet of water or other liquids will penetrate the headphones. Therefore, please do not expose MB01 to water jets and heavy sweating, or use them in water sports like swimming or for showering.


No, we do not offer personalization on fragrances.

The European cosmetic regulation N°1223 / 2009 forbids animal testing. All the Montblanc fragrances or related products launched on the market by Interparfums are in accordance with these regulations and are thus not tested on animals.

We don’t guarantee the products bought on EBay, as it’s not an official Montblanc Fragrances authorized dealers.

The formula hasn’t changed recently; however, this feeling is really common when wearing the same fragrance for a long time. It appears that the more we wear fragrance, the less we smell it as we get used to it.

In order to check authenticity please contact us, providing product pictures (bottle full view and batch code below the bottle).

No, we do not offer servicing on fragrances or their bottles.

No, we do not have any guarantee on fragrances.

Contact us, providing pictures bottle full view and batch code below the bottle.

Extreme fluctuations in temperature will rapidly spoil MB scents. Therefore be mindful to avoid storing scents in other places that suffer from extreme changes in heat.

With regard to an expiration date, your perfume will not begin to diminish until it has been sprayed at least once. It is the introduction of oxygen to the perfume solution that facilitates the gradual degeneration of a scent. Therefore we cannot provide any expiration dates on our fragrances.


Yes, all our sunglasses come with a Montblanc case. 

No, we do not offer Personalisation services on these type of products.

We offer hard-shelled eyewear cases to protect our glasses when not wearing them. Cleaning should exclusively be done using the added cloth. Warm water with a small amount of dishwasher liquid is the safest way to clean your eyewear.

We kindly ask you to visit a licensed optician in the case you have optical eyewear. In the case you have sunglasses that do not have optical lense please visit a Montblanc boutique or authorized retailer. 


No, separate cufflinks are not available. Our cufflinks are available in pairs. 

No, we are not able to replace the leather part of the bracelet.