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From our signature fountain pens to ballpoints, rollerballs and beyond, every Montblanc writing instrument is beautifully crafted and made to be cherished. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or as a gift, our luxury pens can be made even more special with the addition of personalised detailing. Complimentary engraving is applicable to a range of Montblanc writing instruments. By adding the luxurious detail of bespoke engraving, your luxury pen will be as individual as its owner.

Read on to discover the steps involved in personalising a Montblanc luxury pen.

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Luxury pens purchased on montblanc.com can be personalised on their respective product page. When viewing the item, you will see the ‘personalise’ option on the right of the model picture. Simply click the button and start customising. (If the product is a fountain pen, you will need to choose your preferred pen size and nib type first.) Once on the personalisation page, helpful image simulations will show what the finished design will look like with engraving. The colour of the engraving will match the fittings of the writing instrument. Engraving requests require additional time to process your order.

When purchasing a writing instrument in-store, speak to one of our Montblanc representatives about the personalisation options that you’d like to apply. They will explain all the options available for your luxury pen in detail. 

Find Your Nearest Montblanc Boutique 

To customise a Montblanc luxury pen that you already own, simply take it into one of our boutiques for our representatives to advise on personalisation. Please note that not all pre-existing purchases can be personalised, and we recommend that products are in good condition.

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