Gustav Klimt



In honour of his immortal contribution to the quest for perfection in art, the Montblanc Masters of Art collection pays tribute to Gustav Klimt, one of the most important artists of Art Nouveau and Symbolism and a pioneer of artistic individuality. His prominent role in the Vienna Secession movement, his famous gold-infused paintings such as The Kiss and abstract murals inspired these colourful and highly crafted limited editions.


The proportions of the cap and barrel reflect “The Golden Ratio,” a precise mathematical equation for beauty. This ratio is represented in every Masters of Art collection.

A vibrant green, as seen in the cone, is a dominant and powerful colour in Art Nouveau and symbolizes spring as the season of new beginnings, ideas that strongly influenced the Secessionists who believed art should be forward-looking and progressive. The Secession building’s rounded dome also inspires the cone’s smooth shape.

The slightly curved lines ending in three spirals on the forged metal frame of Klimt’s universally renowned painting, Pallas Athene, inspire the clip.

Gustav Klimt’s iconic monogram from the Vienna Secession's 1902 XIV catalogue is represented in the “GK” inlay.

Classic motifs from Klimt’s major works and meaningful artistic symbols of the Vienna Secession movement are delicately embossed in the nibs of each writing instrument in this collection.

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With world-famous works like The Kiss and Pallas Athene, Gustav Klimt’s artistic canon, particularly figurative works and paintings from his “golden phase,” helped establish a new aesthetic in the Austro-Hungarian Empire that reflected the changing times and the emerging modernist movement. By blurring the boundaries between art and design, he and the other Secessionists significantly impacted the development of modern art. Klimt’s entire oeuvre served as the inspiration behind this remarkable collection.