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Purist Bauhaus design with maximum impact since 1934. Named after the distinctive sound produced by its lead mechanism, Montblanc PIX is proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Stylish. Sleek. Sophisticated.

With a fresh splash of energy, the new Modena Red PIX adds a new dimension to the effortless and classic colour range of PIX rollerball and ball point pens.


It’s 1934 and the first PIX repeater pencil elevates the Montblanc propelling pencil offering with it’s novel technical sophistication and indestructibility.

Rooted in the 1930s philosophy and pioneering spirit of the Bauhaus School, Montblanc PIX offers an unique balance of modern form and timeless function.

Throughout its 90-year history, PIX has been available in various colours, finishes, and fine details. But ultimately, its unrivalled functionality and timeless design is what earned it the name “the eleventh finger”.

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History image
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Looking for a quick and reliable note-taking or more focused and fluid writing experience? Find out how to pick a Montblanc ballpoint or rollerball pen that suits your style best.