How To Care for a Montblanc Fountain Pen

Combining traditional craft with modern technology, Montblanc fountain pens are designed to last for years. However, proper care is essential to ensure that your writing instrument remains pristine while writing beautifully in the years to come. 

Care Instructions

Start by emptying the bag or accessory. Remove any items stored in pockets and compartments, and if necessary, turn the product upside down and shake it to dislodge dust and crumbs. If the product features a fabric lining, pull it inside out and use a lint roller to remove any remaining debris. 

First use a soft brush to get rid of any impurities. 

Next, apply leather cleaner. There are many kinds of leather cleaner available, so to ensure that your chosen cleaner won’t damage your Montblanc leather good, we recommend applying a tiny amount to a small, hidden area of leather first to make sure that there are no adverse effects. The cleaner can be applied either directly to the surface of the product, or to a soft, clean cloth first. Use a white cloth, so as not to risk transferring colour dye on to your leather. Next, gently wipe down the leather using the cloth. Be advised that this process will not remove scratches or stains. 

Using another white cloth, buff the leather until it is dry and finish by softly using the brush again. Your leather product should feel noticeably more supple and start to shine.  

To clean the metal detailing on your bag or leather good, dip a cotton bud into some metal polish or brass cleaner. Apply the cotton bud to the hardware and rub it in gently. Next, use your dry white cloth to buff away the tarnish. Take care not to touch the leather or fabric lining with the cotton bud, as the polish may cause discolouration. 

Lastly, apply a leather conditioner to your product to help maintain its supple and flexible finish. As with the cleaner, you can apply conditioner directly to the surface of the leather, or to a clean white cloth first. Next, use a dry cloth to buff the leather. 

Once your leather product has been cleaned and conditioned, close any open pockets and compartments. Place your product within a cloth bag before enclosing it in a box. Store in a dark, dry place to protect the leather from light and dust. We recommend cleaning Montblanc leather once a month to maintain its luxurious look, feel and finish.   

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