How To Care for a Montblanc Fountain Pen

Combining traditional craft with modern technology, Montblanc fountain pens are designed to last for years. However, proper care is essential to ensure that your writing instrument remains pristine while writing beautifully in the years to come. 


Embossing comes mostly in two fonts. For an elegant hand-written effect, opt for the italicised ‘Rounded’ font. Alternatively, for a more minimal, sans serif aesthetic, choose the ‘Grotesque’ font. If you have a trolley with a tag on it then you can use our 'Goudy' font. Depending on the model, up to three or four letters can be embossed, making personalisation well suited for adding the owner’s initials. There is also the option to add full stops between letters. Please note that font options may vary depending on the product selected.

In memory of her sea-encircled Greek homeland, the platinum-coated clip is decorated with a petal-cut stone whose colour is reminiscent of the radiant turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea.

Paying tribute to the operatic diva’s nickname and iconic look, the 14K solid gold, rhodium-coated nib of the special edition fountain pen is inscribed with ‘La Davina’, plus an illustration of her famous cat eyes.

History image
History image
History image

When on the go, keep your fountain pen safe in style by accessorising it with a Montblanc pen pouch. Storing your writing instrument in a pen pouch will help protect it from dirt, scratches and wear. Each crafted in high-quality leather with a refined design, Montblanc pen pouches add an extra touch of luxury to your fountain pen.