Sunglasses Guide


Picking the right pair of sunglasses is always tough. Get it right and it’s the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting friendship. But how to choose the right pair? Well, the answer actually lies with the shape of the face. To help you decide on the right pair to best complement your look, we’ve created a guide to take you through the process.

Those of us with a square-shaped face are blessed with a wide range of choice when it comes to sunglasses, but there are some styles that will particularly suit square-shapes.

Square-shaped faces have wide, angular features and are particularly suited to round sunglasses. Rather than mimicking features, it will provide a stylish, balanced look.


If you have a round-shaped face, that means your face has soft features with real symmetry as well as a wide curved jawline and a broad forehead. To complement this, it’s best to go with sunglasses with an angular style to sit contrast to your rounded features. In this regard, both rectangular and square glasses will suit you perfectly.


Oval-shaped faces are all about angles, with foreheads wider that your cheekbones and a face is longer than it is wide. Any style will suit you just fine, but rectangular and square glasses will be particularly complementary as they will offer contrast to your features for a balanced look.


Diamond-shaped faces are characterised by high, strong cheekbones and narrow, pointed chins, with a collection of striking angles at both the chin and hairline. Round glasses are the finest fit for this shaped face, with their softening angular lines, but the right pair of square and rectangular glasses will suit diamond-shaped faces too.


Owners of a heart-shaped face are blessed with broad foreheads, strong cheekbones and narrow chins, with a gradual narrowing from top to bottom. Round, rectangular and squared will all suit your features, but a rectangular look is particularly strong as it will give structure to softer angles.