Latest Launches - What Moves You, Makes You


Introducing you to our Montblanc Mark Makers.

Montblanc Mark Makers are enthusiastic doers who create their own definition of success by pursuing the things that move them. 

Since he first picked up a book, Cillian Murphy understood that a piece of writing should not only move an audience but leave them altered. In every performance he gives, he knows he must do the same. Also well-accustomed to life on the stage is Peggy Gou. Her success and popularity wasn't a lucky break. The modern-day renaissance woman herself has single-handedly crafted it. Bringing her iconic and playful flair to everything she touches – this is Peggy, with her Montblanc UltraBlack Clutch. 

Our Mark Makers reflect on their identity, work, music, style, food and more, revealing an intimate portrait of who they are and what moves them.

Introducing the new Montblanc UltraBlack Collection

Black is a statement of unapologetically bold design. This colour has always been part of our DNA – ebonite being the main ingredient of our original writing instruments and one of the two colours in our emblem. Against this inky-black backdrop, we present our new all-black cross-category collection. Each piece was created to inspire those seeking flexibility, versatility and style as they travel towards reaching their goals.

From passion to profession

Turning a passion into a profession isn't always easy, but our Mark Makers, Spike Lee, Chen Kun and Xin Zhi Lei, are boldly achieving it.

Since a young age, Spike Lee has been moved to write, always by hand, the stories authentic to his life and where he grew up. Another multi-talented individual striving for excellence in every new step of his career(s) is actor, singer and writer Chen Kun. Internationally recognised for her ability to craft distinctive characters, Xin Zhi Lei challenges herself in each new role – always on her terms and never taking the easy route.

Creating a new definition of success

Being a Mark Maker is a different way of thinking. It's about living a life where the personal and professional don't compete but instead enrich each other. We are giving our Mark Makers a platform to tell their stories and share how they challenged the status quo to do what they love.

By showcasing passionate individuals who lead with their hearts, we hope to support and inspire future generations of creatives to leave their mark.