How to choose between Ballpoint and Rollerball

How to Choose between Ballpoint and Rollerball

Though ballpoints and rollerballs share similarities, there are several important contrasts between the two. Both writing instruments take their name from a ball-bearing writing tip, but their respective inks produce different results. Here we explain the key features of ballpoints and rollerballs, so that you can choose the right Montblanc pen to suit you.

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A Quick Guide

Ballpoint pens are versatile, easy to use and less likely to dry out. Rollerballs form a smooth, fluid line and can be used comfortably for long periods. Each writing instrument work wells with different writing styles and tasks.


Rollerballs use a fluid water-based ink similar to the kind used in fountain pens. Though more prone to drying out, this ink creates a smooth, flowing writing experience, making rollerballs a natural choice for personal hand-written letters. On the other hand, the thick ink used in ballpoints lasts for a long time. As it also dries quickly, these pens are useful for fast, smudge-free notetaking.

Though they each bring something special to the page, ballpoints and rollerballs aren’t so different. As both are suited to different tasks, rather than having to choose between the two, why not invest in both? By owning both a ballpoint and a rollerball, you’ll be better equipped for owning the right pen for every writing scenario.