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Though the Montblanc legacy was first built with beautifully crafted fountain pens, today our range has expanded with several new writing modes. As explained in this informative guide, each type comes with its own distinct design, features, and practical applications. Read on to discover which luxury pen will best suit your individual needs and writing style.

Writing Modes

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  • Positioned at the starting price point of collections, Montblanc ballpoint writing instruments are quick and easy to use. A simple twist or click mechanism reveals the ball-bearing tip from inside the barrel, meaning the pen can be used one-handed. Ballpoints use an ink that dries quickly without smudging, making this type of pen well suited to rapid notetaking and filling out documents. Available for fine, medium, and broad-tip models, ballpoint refills are available in a choice of colours. Refills are included with purchase.
  • 萬寶龍鋼珠筆使用水性墨水,因此書寫感受一如鋼筆般流暢,但又便於隨身攜帶,是鋼筆的絕佳替代性選擇。鋼珠筆尖可在紙面上自由順暢地滑動,無須施加過多壓力,因而適合長時間書寫,是專業人士隨身攜帶、對應各種場合的多用途良伴。有細、中、寬三種筆尖供選購,還可以選擇不同顏色的鋼珠筆替芯。鋼珠筆替芯也可與細字筆替芯互換。購買時附送替芯。
  • Refined materials create a heightened writing experience, while water-based ink lends itself to effortless and expressive penmanship. Use these writing instruments for thoughtful letters, creative expression, and shaping signatures with authority and flair. Fountain pens use either ink cartridges or ink bottles, both available in a choice of colours. These are sold separately. The most important aspect of a Montblanc fountain pen is its nib, each handcrafted from 14K or 18K gold.
  • Crafted with a long tip that produces a thin, crisp line, fineliners are a practical and affordable tool for drawing, sketching and graphic design. The long tip makes this pen work harmoniously with rulers and templates, while its ink dries quickly without smudging. Available for medium and broad-tip models, fineliner refills are available in a choice of colours. They are also interchangeable with rollerball refills. Refills are included with purchase.
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The Art Behind Montblanc Pens

Writing Instrument Craftsmanship