The Library Spirit

Montblanc Sartorial

Sophisticated styles inspired by the world of libraries are realised by Montblanc in the latest collection. More than just places of record, libraries have stood as institutions of inspiration for centuries. Every generation that passes through a library’s door is immediately captivated by the spirit of heritage and creativity.

Libraries are a moment of pause, often tranquil, beautiful spaces blissfully removed from the busy cities around them. These peaceful yet informative spaces are synonymous with reading, note-taking, ideation and conversation. The universe of words is also the universe of Montblanc, creator of tools that capture thoughts and emotions on paper, immortalizing them today for tomorrow’s readers.


Montblanc Creative Director Marco Tomasetta has revisited the Maison’s Sartorial collection with elements inspired by the written word. Leather goods encapsulate the beauty of handwriting with elegant handles that resemble archive ink bottles, while overlapping constructions recall the shape of envelopes.


Through an innovative modularity system, the latest Sartorial styles combine elegant solutions and enhanced practicality, with smaller leather goods seamlessly fastening to larger bags. Carry more belongings with ease and make discreet complimentary combinations or bold contrasting ones.


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