How to Choose a Luxury Watch

How to Choose a Luxury Watch


Deciding on the timepiece which suits you best is a deeply emotional choice. A life long investment is worthy of lengthy contemplation, which requires a thorough understanding of the workings of a watch. With a great variety of styles in Montblanc’s collection, here we demystify their intricacies to help you make the right choice. 



Today, an automatic watch is most common, with many different styles available. The weighted rotor means the watch never has to be wound if worn regularly, using the energy of your movements to wind the mainspring. They make for an effortless design and improved durability.


Those with thorough appreciation of the craftmanship in a luxury timepiece choose a mechanical watch. This type of movement requires manual winding of the mainspring, by hand or sometimes with a bespoke tool, to keep the watch in good time. They allow for a transparent back, revealing the miniature components expertly assembled by our skilled watchmakers, while their simple mechanics permit a slim profile. 

Special Complications

An additional second hand that can be stopped and started to add stopwatch functionality to your watch.

Featured on: 1858, Star Legacy

A full month and day display, available along with the current phase of the moon, keeping you up to date with the Earth’s orbit.

For those with a global mindset, the Geosphere allows you to keep time across the globe. Dedicated Northern and Southern Hemispheres move anticlockwise around a 24-hour ring, helping you glance the time in your chosen city with ease.

Those seeking the most accurate global timepiece opt for a Worldtimer. The most geographically thorough watch face with concentric rings that feature global cities which can be spun around the face to display the time accurately for each one.