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At Montblanc, we believe that everyone can leave a mark. And the only way to get there is to do what inspires you. Because after all, Montblanc is more than the work of skill. Montblanc is a work of passion.
Join us, embrace our passion and let it take you and those around you further than anyone would expect.
Because what moves you, makes us.




Since we revolutionized writing culture in 1906 with the first spill-proof fountain pen, we have been known for outstanding craftsmanship, highest aesthetics, and innovative solutions. And we keep pushing the boundaries. We combine the best of tradition, technology and design in writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and selected accessories. With our name and in our emblem, we embody this mission: to implement bold ideas with outstanding craftsmanship and create refined products for people with highest expectations. In doing so, we are at the forefront of technology and design, drawing on the passion of more than 3,000 employees and living a culture that - like our products - inspires people to unleash their potential, to thrive and to achieve.
We have a long history - as a transformative force. Because we do not rest on our laurels but bring them to new bloom again and again in the form of innovative answers to the questions of our time. This prolific innovativeness is rooted in our culture of collaborative excellence. Or less flowery, we excel as a team because we let each other shine: We empower and inspire each other to perform at our best. We are constantly working on our error and feedback culture so that every voice is heard. We draw on the richness of diversity, celebrate our successes (appropriately!) and have fun (not too little!). The common thread: Respect, appreciation and empathy towards colleagues. And towards our clients. After all, they are the ones for whom we excel, create and innovate, and what is called customer-orientation elsewhere is a real obsession with us.
Minimising our footprint on the planet, maximising our handprint on the people: This is the holistic way we understand and practice sustainability. We're dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint through responsible sourcing, energy-efficient manufacturing and reducing waste. Beyond eco-conscious practices, we embrace ethical crafting and support local communities, ensuring that our products are not only exceptional in quality but also in their societal impact. As a brand deeply rooted in culture, we are particularly committed to education. That's why we actively promote the culture of writing, preserve craftsmanship, and create a positive work environment with strong incentives for personal and professional development. Because sustainability is more than just a balance sheet, it is what leads us into the future.
Thanks to our global presence, we offer you an international environment and warmly invite you: Use it for your personal and professional development! Internal mobility is not just an option with us - it is your passport to discover new horizons within our company. And beyond, because as part of the Richemont Group, our international opportunities are virtually unlimited. We also value life outside the office. That's why we embrace flexible working hours and remote arrangements. It's not just for working parents – it's about recognizing that everyone deserves the freedom to balance their professional and personal lives. Our diverse locations offer customized services, from sports facilities to inviting restaurants and engaging employee events. We also know, that planning for the future is paramount, and we've got you covered with our attractive company pension scheme. As part of our team, you'll also enjoy special perks on Montblanc products and access to employee benefit portals. That’s our way to say: Thank you for joining our journey.

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