100 Years of Meisterstück


The Meisterstück has been one of the most sought-after writing instruments since its inception. A companion to visionaries, dreamers and achievers it’s still revered as a writing icon today. Join us in celebrating writing royalty as we look back on our icon’s evolution over the past 100 years.
The Beginning

It all began in 1924 when Montblanc craftsmen received client requests for refined ‘Sunday-use’ fountain pens. Already creating one of a kind writing instruments for themselves, they now decided to make their creations available to the public.


Jump to 1935 and it was the start of a new era for Montblanc. A new generation of leaders took over ushering in new products and innovation.

The signature cylindrical shape, a single broad cap ring, bold clip designs and a two-tone nib differentiated the new Meisterstück range from instruments of the 1920s and lower-prized models.

Birth of the icon

With the war over, the late 1940s became a time for reconstruction and innovation. Montblanc craftsmen opted for an all-new streamlined look for the Meisterstück - the iconic design it became widely recognised for its cigar shape.

A timeless classic hit the stage in the 149, and its compatriots: the “Doué” and the softer “Wing nib” were added to complete the portfolio in 1950.

Style detour

The market pressure of the 1960s, with the rise of mass produced products, challenged Montblanc to think more creatively. As a result, a completely new, more efficient production philosophy was introduced and the Linie 60 was born.

Made from injection moulded resin, these new generation models were made with a focus on sleekness. A modern jet age aesthetic replaced the baroque Meisterstück style of the past - with one exception: the unsinkable 149.

Return to the cigar

Montblanc entered the 1970s with undoubted intentionality. In a move which signalled an undiluted commitment to luxury, the Maison reintroduced the beloved “cigar-shaped” Meisterstück that continues to capture the hearts of so many.


In 1949, Montblanc introduced a trio of models; 142, 144, and 146. Three years later, a new size of the Meisterstück was introduced – the iconic 149 was born.

Meaning masterpiece in German, Meisterstück conveys the instrument’s advanced craft. Previously translated in foreign markets, now only the iconic German is used.

From its shape and nib to its unique inscriptions, elegance is infused into every corner of the Meisterstück, making it a one-of-a-kind writing instrument.

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