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Montblanc: Writing Tradition

Since the introduction of the iconic Meisterstück in 1924, Montblanc has been synonymous with the art of chirography. Attention to detail and precision engineering defined our flagship model, with our master craftsmen combining the finest materials and artistry to create a fountain pen of exquisite pedigree. The Meisterstück was the foundation upon which Montblanc was built, setting the standard for what was to follow with our ever-evolving collection of prestigious writing instruments. Our collection of fountain pens recalls a golden age of modern writing. However, Montblanc’s cutting-edge technologies are always at the fore. This is embodied in our rollerballs and ballpoint writing pens; meticulously constructed writing instruments that promise accuracy and smoothness through uncompromising functionality. Elegant and practical in equal measure, each of the quality writing pens from Montblanc fulfils its purpose with an effortless grace.

The Collections — Quality Writing Pens of Great Character

The aesthetic appeal of our writing pens is evident throughout our collections, all of which are designed to represent the very highest ideals of the Montblanc philosophy. Handcrafted nibs in platinum or gold define the sophisticated Meisterstück collection, whilst the Bohème series is punctuated by thrilling patterns in delicately lacquered precious metal finishes. The Writers Edition and Great Characters Edition pay homage to celebrated authors and influential people by capturing the essence of an individual’s spirit. As a symbol of purity and elegance, the Etoile de Montblanc Sand’s pale resin casing brings grace and subtlety the fore, whilst the Starwalker series of writing pens speaks to world travellers and explorers alike with its reliable, utilitarian appeal. Discover the Montblanc collection, and experience writing instruments of the very highest calibre.