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An unmistakable style

In 1924, Montblanc created a writing instrument that became an icon of writing culture: the Montblanc Meisterstück. Its functional, attractive design, the innovative ink-feeding system and its hand-engraved gold nib with an iridium tip have made this fountain pen the writing instrument of our times.

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  • Meisterstück

    New since 1924: the Meisterstück 149 fountain pen is one of the best-known and most famous writing instruments of our time.

  • StarWalker

    Uncharted territory awaits you when you study the craftsmanship that goes into the writing instruments of our Starwalker Collection.

  • Montblanc Cruise Collection

    In the spirit of a Cruise Collection...

  • Bohème

    A crowning achievement among writing instruments, Montblanc’s Bohème Collection offers...

  • Special Editions

    This edition takes you back in memory to relive the most beautiful moments of the greatest artists.

  • Diva Line

    Montblanc is honouring the legendary muses of the 20th century with an edition of breathtaking writing instruments that radiate the same elegance and irresistible aura as their namesakes.