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An environmentally conscious collection inspired by streetwear

An on-going commitment to crafting products that are respectful of the planet and contribute to the preservation for future generations, Montblanc has teamed up with New York-based fashion brand Public School to create Montblanc x PSNY, a collection of lower impact bags and accessories made from regenerated fabric and other environmentally conscious materials. Public School founded by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne in 2008, embodies the heart and soul of New York City and redefines fashion by blending ideas of convergence and disruption, reflected in this five-piece streetwear inspired collection.

Every material used in the creation of this eco-friendly line was carefully selected to minimize environmental impact, starting with the use of the fabric used both externally and for the lining of each piece – a environmentally friendly nylon yarn called ECONYL®. Through a radical regeneration process, waste including fishing nets, carpets and fabric scraps, is recycled into a nylon that not only finds its original purity once again, but can be recycled infinitely, without losing its quality.

Owning a piece of the collection is a personal commitment to making a meaningful contribution to a better, more environmentally responsible future. An internal leather tag stitched inside in each of the bags features a manifesto celebrating the spirit of those contributing to safeguarding the Blue Planet through their actions: “Those who dare, those who will, those who care make the difference”.

The Montblanc x PSNY collection is crafted for urban explorers and creative adventurers who care about their footprint on the environment while expressing themselves through their choice of stylish companions.