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Crafted with sustainability in mind

We believe that anyone can leave a mark – that includes us as a company. It is our collective responsibility to look after our environment and preserve it for future generations. We launched the Montblanc Blue Spirit collection to maximise our footprint on culture while minimising our footprint on nature.

"Those who dare, those who will, those who care make the difference"

Every material in the Montblanc Blue Spirit collection is selected because of its minimised environmental impact. The fabric is made from a sustainable ECONYL ® nylon yarn, the leather is produced with a CO2 neutral tanning process, and the steel is 100% recyclable. Owning a piece form the Montblanc Blue Spirit collection is a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future.

The Montblanc Blue Spirit bags feature a contemporary design in black with blue edges. With this collection, the environmentally-conscious can experience modern sophistication and smart functionality, while reaffirming their commitment to protecting the fragile planet they call home.