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A series inspired by the history of Montblanc

Some of the world's greatest stories have been written with a Montblanc. Here, we tell our own stories.

Episode 1 - Raising the Stakes

A journey to the early days of a start-up you today might know under the name "Montblanc".

Episode 2 - The Game Changer

The story of three entrepreneurs. One innovative pen. And zero ideas how to name it.

Episode 3 - The White Mirror

About inspiration and where to find it, from blank pages to snowcapped mountains.

Montblanc Haus
Opening 2022

A place to inspire writing. Stay curious for this unseen experience of Montblanc’s past, present and future.

Don't miss the Grand Opening. Stay Tuned for news from Montblanc.

Montblanc Coffee Table Book

A collector’s item with silk-screen printed cover and a slipcase made of linen.