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Deciding on the timepiece which suits you best is a deeply emotional choice. A life long investment is worthy of lengthy contemplation, which requires a thorough understanding of the workings of a watch. With a great variety of styles in Montblanc’s collection, here we demystify their intricacies to help you make the right choice.

Special Complications

Complications increase the functionality of your timepiece by presenting additional information, making for a more versatile watch. Choose from streamlined designs with minimal additions or a fully featured timepiece brimming with extra statistics.
The following module is a scrolling parallax. Titles, texts, images and videos will be highlighted in the parallax when you scroll through the page.
  • For those with a global mindset, the Geosphere allows you to keep time across the globe. Dedicated Northern and Southern Hemispheres move anticlockwise around a 24-hour ring, helping you glance the time in your chosen city with ease.
  • An additional second hand that can be stopped and started to add stopwatch functionality to your watch. Featured on: 1858, Star Legacy
  • A full month and day display, available along with the current phase of the moon, keeping you up to date with the Earth’s orbit.
  • Those seeking the most accurate global timepiece opt for a Worldtimer. The most geographically thorough watch face with concentric rings that feature global cities which can be spun around the face to display the time accurately for each one.
Geosphere DSK
Chronograph DSk
Full Calendar DSK
World Timer DSK

For Him

Montblanc 1858

Finding its inspiration in the world of mountain exploration, the 1858 timepieces capture the spirit of Montblanc’s past while expressing the trend of reconnecting to nature.


Inspired by historical Minerva wristwatches from the 1940s and 1950s, the Heritage timepieces combine the elegance of watchmaking’s past with today's bold design codes and technology.

Star Legacy

Paying tribute to Minerva's iconic Star Collection, this collection continues the journey of classical fine watchmaking with a contemporary design and enhanced finishes.


Classic automatic timepieces featuring Montblanc’s iconic emblem on the crown and second-hand counterweight. A beautiful introduction to the world of luxury mechanical wristwatches.

For Her


The Bohème Collection is designed and built to complement the self-confident woman who is both sophisticated and assured in her personal style. Sun and moon complications are romantic and functional indicators of the day passing by.

Star Legacy

Combining femininity with the spirit of classical fine watch making, timepieces in the Star Legacy collection are inspired by Montblanc’s Minerva pocket watches dating back to 1858.


The art of fine watchmaking