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At Montblanc, we work hard to have a positive impact on the planet and its people, and are committed to always being responsible and honest.
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  • Understanding our emissions better is the first step to reduce our footprint. We are collaborating with experts in the field to measure the impact generated by our production activities in order to reduce our emissions across the entire supply chain. We are changing heating systems, windows and lighting in our main buildings; and the electricity we source worldwide will be 100% renewable. And while our journey into being more sustainable has already begun, we also take responsibility in our emissions caused by buildings, manufacturing, company vehicles, electricity, and heating (Scope 1 and 2) and direct Greenhouse Gas emissions caused by business travel and logistics (Scope 3) by offsetting these emissions.
  • In order to ensure supply chain due diligence, we require our business partners to follow the Richemont Supplier Code of Conduct, as well. We are actively collaborating with the Leather Working Group and the Responsible Jewellery Council to work with a network of global suppliers that take social and environmental considerations into account.

Power of writing

Writing not only helps us to develop our communication and thinking skills but also allows us to express who we are as people. For us, as a brand, it is the most authentic and meaningful way we can give back to society. This is because we truly believe that no matter the background, everyone should have the opportunity to leave a mark through writing.

In that spirit, the Montblanc Cultural Foundation and the Maison created the global educational initiative "Dear Future" to educate youths around the world about the beauty of writing. Check out additional information about Dear Future and how we enable kids and young adults to leave their mark.


Attention to detail, innovation, pioneering spirit, passion for craftsmanship and a sense of quality define Montblanc. Our work environment fosters our employees to develop their skills in the best possible conditions, always pursuing further refinement of Montblanc’s craftsmanship.

Corporate Environment

It makes us proud to see Montblanc has grown into the diverse organization it is today. We appreciate the community of outstanding personalities from different cultures, social backgrounds, ages and genders as a major driver of success. At Montblanc, our aim is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can be who they are and is invited to share their own ideas. The way we aim at achieving this is through awareness and education on this topic through trainings and cross-functional networks as well as elimination of institutional barriers. Examples of initiatives towards this goal include: flexible work structures, inclusive decision making, and casual round table meetings, just to name a few.